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the Magic Cube Series

From Book 1: The Mystery of the Cursed Elves


Four siblings discover a mysterious cube. By pressing buttons and pulling the lever, a portal to another world is opened. Join Max, Sophie, Violet, and Parker in their first Magic Cube Adventure.

Eleven-year-old Max Watson is looking for adventure. He never expects to find it in his boring old backyard.

While digging through his overcrowded shed, Max stumbles upon a strange cube. By pressing buttons and pulling the lever, the shed transforms into a portal. Max and his three sisters are transported to the North Pole and straight into a startling mystery.

Santa is in trouble. The elves have gone bad and are destroying everything. The countdown to Christmas has begun, and Santa has only broken toys to fill his sleigh.

As the fate of Christmas hangs in the air, four siblings must work together to break the spell. If they fail, the North Pole will be destroyed, and Christmas will be ruined forever.

Author: Mitchel Maree

Children's Book, Book Cover, Publishing
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